About Us

A lost Art

Hopkinsville Monument Company is the only monument company within three counties that still does in house  3D shape craving.  Let us bring your monument to life with this special technique. 


Here at Hopkinsville Monument Company we know how important it is to have a proper foundation under our  monuments.  We pour a concrete footer mixed with concrete, sand and gravel to insure your monument won't lean or fall over in the years to come.  

Our History

Founded in 1910 Hopkinsville Monument Company is one of the oldest business in Hopkinsville.  Jeff and Linda Johnson took over ownership in 2005.  Linda works in the office selling monuments.  She would be happy to help you design the perfect memorial for your loved one.  Jeff has worked for most of the funeral homes in Todd, Trigg and Christian Counties for over 35years.  Jeff has a reputation as a perfectionist that stands by his work.